• We provide aid to people in need and with less opportunities.

  • We provide aid to people in need and with less opportunities.

  • We provide aid to people in need and with less opportunities.

About us.

The Tsang foundation helps people locally in the Netherlands and abroad. Established by Patrick and Alexandra Tsang, committing themselves to others comes as second nature. They support projects which touch their hearts and in which they really believe.


Emergency food relief during the Covid-19 pandemic

The board and ambassadors 

Mission and vision.

Who are we?
In the Netherlands alone, one in nine children grows up in poverty. That is a total of almost 300,000 children, and much more in the rest of the world. We believe that every child has the right to healthy food and that every child should be given the opportunity to develop themselves to the best of their abilities.

And what are we aiming for?
We want to motivate everyone – who comes into contact with the Tsang foundation – to mean something to others. For example by making a financial or material contribution. Or by rolling up your sleeves during the implementation of a project. Together we can support people in need by fighting (social) poverty and loneliness.

We offer financial or material support, through local organisations and/or directly to ones in need to improve social living conditions.

Specific goals.

Tsang foundation will do everything within its power to achieve the following goals:

  • Supporting children in need by providing educational material, healthy meals and clothing.
  • Combating poverty and loneliness among the elderly. We also like to involve young people to support this goal.
  • Support to start-ups abroad. For example, by providing microcredit to single mothers, preventing child marriages and by providing emergency aid to underprivileged youngsters.

Participation and sponsoring.

The Tsang foundation cannot exist without sponsors and help from third parties. Would you like to contribute? We are happy to discuss all options with you. Any help is welcome!
You can contact us on:

E info@tsangfoundation.com
+31(0)6 22 690 290


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Who are we?