Alexandra Panhuis – treasurer.

My name is Alexandra Panhuis, owner of De CijferKamer administration office. Since our foundation in 2010, we have been working with clients from various industries, which makes our work fun and varied. We are far from a traditional “dusty” accountants office, but quite the opposite. We handle everything quickly, are competent and efficient in what we do. But above all, we are involved with our customers and that is where we make the difference. My relationships are based on trust. Treat your customer the way you want to be treated yourself is my motto and I enjoy doing that.

But there is more in life than just work. In addition to my “normal job”, I like to dedicate myself to others. From my field of expertise, I prepare the annual accounts for the TOGO Foundation and TafelRonde 154. But I also visit homes with a donation box for charity organisations and once a week I swim as a volunteer with people with a disability. It gives me satisfaction and puts me to ease as well. I am open and honest and I think it is important that you are a good person, without a hidden agenda. I also enjoy working for the Tsang Foundation and offer my knowledge accordingly.

Go through life with a smile, because there is always someone who will benefit from it!