Malle Babbe 2.0 meals for all Voedselbank Vlaardingen clients

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Gourmet dining at home

When you struggle financially, going out for dinner is a luxury you usually can’t afford. This year, the Tsang Foundation wants to offer a culinary surprise to all families affiliated with the Food Bank in Vlaardingen. Because we cannot invite these families to a venue due to the Corona restrictions, we have issued a voucher for a lovely family dinner in cooperation with the gentlemen of restaurant Malle Babbe 2.0 in Vlaardingen. Malle Babbe 2.0 is a lovely restaurant where the most delicious dishes are served in a cozy atmosphere.

The vouchers were included in the weekly Food Bank box early December and could be ordered and collected in the following 2 weeks. Delicious stir-fried vegetables with beef steak strips, as well as satay with fries and salad and various children’s meals were on the menu. 

Through this very fruitful cooperation with the Food Bank and Malle Babbe 2.0, we have been able to offer 170 families a very tasty gourmet dinner!

The feedback we received was so positive and heartwarming 🧡